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  Gold Making Competition and The Golden Keg
April 22nd
From Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog

Two big news items today. The first is that The (free!!) second edition of The Golden Keg magazine is now out and available for your consumption. Featuring myself and other gold makers including Wowprofitz, Notvish, and 8Bit Bruce, the magazine is a monthly compilation of articles that are only available in one place. The topics range from noobie gold making, to farming, to Warlords of Draenor speculation (guess which one I wrote), this magazine has information for any level of WoW gold maker out there, and the articles within are only posted in the magazine. If you don't want to miss out, be sure to check it out!

You can find the latest edition of The Golden Kegat this link, and you can also find our first ever edition from this past March at that link as well! If you are a gold maker who is interested in writing for The Golden Keg you can contact me via email at PhatLewtsGold@gmail.com.

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  Latest Transmog Fashion
April 25th
  Transmog.......is it worth it??
April 20th
From Shinn's Tales of Gold

Transmog.......its a funny market I find, because there doesn't seem to be set pattern of sales. I find like in real life everyone is different. So I have been thinking of how to get more sales in this market.

Do I just keep posting what stock I have and not worry about trying to find out what people want?
Selling this way would be the easy option, but if I did keep going this way the most I make is around three thousand gold a week. I still think I'm going to work this way a little bit, so I can sell off old stock and pick up some of them random sales. But I don't see this as my long term plan for Transmog!!

Do I start only selling items that I have sold before, by checking the Accounting Module on TradeSkillMaster?
This option isn't going to work, because I don't sell many items more than once, apart from the shirts that you can buy from Dalaran. So lets bin this idea lol.

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  3 Years of Phat Lewts!
April 19th
From Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog

So I missed it by about a week, but April 12th, 2011 was the date of the first post ever posted on Phat Lewts' Gold Blog, making this past April 12th 3 years since my first post!

Taking a Look Back
So let's look back to that original post, the one that got things started. As you know I'm generally not one for fanfare, so there was no "introduction post" to Phat Lewts' Gold Blog, just a post titled Accountant. Receiving a whopping 87 views to this very date, my first post was a bit of a dud. You can check it out, I edited the text formatting a bit. The original text was black and impossible to read on my current background, but I preserved the wonky layout and text of the original. You may also notice I was posting under the name Dwhittman, which at the time the name of my main character (an Orc Warlock).

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