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Item List
You can download our item list, which includes the spells and reagents needed to craft those items, at this URL:


Note that we pay attention almost exclusively to items seen on the Auction House, so many Bind-On-Pickup items will not be in this list.
Price Tag
You can have the current average global median price of any item on your own webpages and forums, with some Javascript and one span tag.

Just add this line anywhere on your web page:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn.tuj.me/tuj.js"></script>
Then, when you want to insert the current price of an item, add a line like this:
Obsidium Ore: <span class="TUJ" rel="53038"></span>
Winterspring Cub: <span class="TUJ" rel="winterspring cub"></span>
View the source code of this short demo page for more examples.
Market Data XML and CSV
You can retrieve an XML or CSV document of summary information, such as market price and standard deviation, for every item on a realm.

A custom, static URL to the file is provided for each user, to help monitor and control server resources. You may download 10 times every 23 hours, 55 minutes.

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