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Frequently Asked Questions
Before you drop us a note, please glance at these first to see if we've already answered your question:

Q:  I have a blog! Can you include my blog in your syndicated editorials?
A:  Please read and reply to this syndication application thread.

Q:  I'm coding an application! I'd like to use your data. Can you set up a special API for me?
A:  You can find all of our available APIs on our Market API page. We have no plans of extending our available APIs. Visit Blizzard's Community Platform API forum to use the same data we get from Blizzard.

Q:  Something is broken. I can't verify my email address or set up new notifications! I use Internet Explorer.
A:  There is a bug with how Internet Explorer handles some AJAX requests. See this forum thread. Use a different browser.

Q:  Can you tell us the prices of what actually sold, instead of just what prices are offered?
A:  Blizzard doesn't tell us what auctions were sold, although we have some decent guesses. You will need to log in and select if you want to see our sold auction estimates.

Q:  On item searches, category pages, and in the addon, the average market price is different than on the item page!
A:  Most pages use rolling averages to calculate average prices over time, for efficiency. The item page has the full history available, so its average values are more accurate. Large discrepancies happen only on items with very volatile pricing; most items have similar rolling averages and actual averages. See this thread for more details.

Q:  When I search for [Orb of Mystery], why doesn't it appear?
A:  [Orb of Mystery] can be found in unlimited supply from a vendor. Such vendor items are excluded from search results so that you know the Auction House isn't where you'd normally find them.

Q:  You should track Black Market Auction House listings.
A:  Blizzard does not provide data on Black Market Auction House auctions in their API. We would like to track BMAH listings, but we cannot until Blizzard supplies the data.

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